How to secure your WordPress site against hacker attacks

How to secure your WordPress site against hacker attacks.

via How to secure your WordPress site against hacker attacks.

I recently had my WordPress websites for one of my clients shut down because of the recent increase of hacker attacks.

So I recently installed not only a firewall but one of my favorite plug-ins to limit login attempts.

I was surprised at the number of bots and attempts to break into my humble sites so if you own a wp site ,do yourself a favor and install some security . The number one task is to replace the default admin login by creating another  admin user with a different secure pass username

Log out and test the new admin user before implementing any of the other security measures.



WindowsAndroid runs Google’s mobile OS natively on the Windows kernel

By Alexis Santos posted Jan 27th, 2013 at 1:49 AM

Sure, you could enjoy Android on your PC through dual-booting or virtualization, but the folks at Socketeq have whipped up yet another alternative: a port of Mountain View’s mobile OS, fittingly dubbed WindowsAndroid, that runs natively on the Windows kernel (under Vista, 7 and 8) instead of Linux. Not only does the operating system run speedily since its free of virtualization chains, but it serves up the appropriate tablet or smartphone UI based on window size, and plays nice with keyboards and mice, to boot. Socketeq’s solution serves up the full Android experience, but you’ll have to separately flash the Google apps that typically come baked in, according to Android Police. Ice Cream Sandwich is the freshest flavor of Android to have undergone the kernel-replacement treatment, and it’s currently being offered as a free “first-try” download at the source.

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Via: Android Police

Source: Socketeq

and the download file